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Who We Are

Self-destructive behavior patterns are often rooted in deceptive belief systems established through experiences of rejection, abandonment, loss or trauma.   These spiritual roots manifest in unhealthy thought patterns, emotions and choices, which can give rise to codependency, life-controlling and defeating behaviors or other debilitating lifestyles.  New Creations Ministries, Inc., (NCM,) serves to assist individuals in recognizing the genesis of their false beliefs and detrimental familiar attachments, and provides them the tools to heal old wounds, break free, and become new. 


The founders of NCM, Craig & Courtney Sturtz, are no strangers to the struggle people face in overcoming such challenges.  Both Craig and Courtney have suffered loss and trauma, and walked the road of rebellion and hopelessness.  By the grace & power of God, after two decades spent in and out of programs, hospitals and institutions,  both Craig and Courtney found Total Freedom from their destructive lifestyles and learned to walk in active relationship with Jesus Christ.  They are no longer hopeless, no longer living just to survive, no longer walking wounded, no longer bound in fear - but are new creations in Christ, walking in abundant life and the joy of the Lord.  Their only desire is to freely give what was given to them - an opportunity to make all things new.  Please contact them today if you are ready to begin your journey as a new creation, or are interested in training classes for your group or fellowship.

Pastor Craig Sturtz
Executive Director 

Pastor Craig Sturtz is the Executive Director of New Creations Ministries, Inc., (NCM,) located in Pickerington, OH.  The Lord has gifted Craig with steadfastness and a quiet authority, taught him to walk in temperance, and has seated him in a position of governance over New Creations Ministries, Inc.  He has a keen aptitude for leadership,  mediation and guidance, being endued with a compelling ability to hear God's voice clearly in the moment.  His God-given talents enable him to see spiritual blueprints of projects at the onset, allowing him to discern best strategy before making any move.   Craig accepted the pastoral call many years ago, was ordained in to the Gospel Ministry in 2015, consecrated to the Office of Pastor in 2017, and is licensed in the State of Ohio.  He holds a Specialized  Certification in Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance, an International Healing Rooms Director Certification, a Total Freedom Facilitator Certification, and has been an Elder at Eastern Gate Ministries.  He has held  pastoral positions in residential, faith-based programs in Ohio and Florida, and has ministered in various programs offered at the Licking Co. Justice Center, the Outreach Ministries, and on mission to Haiti, Cuba, Peru and Mexico.  He is often called on for counsel by community leaders, pastors and laypersons alike. 

Courtney Sturtz
Program & Services Director

Pastor Courtney Sturtz, wife of Pastor Craig Sturtz, is the Program and Services Director for New Creations Ministries, Inc., (NCM,) in Pickerington, OH.  Courtney is blessed with gifts of teaching, discernment for strategic intercession & deliverance, and uses her prophetic voice to set captives free with the Word of Truth.  She was ordained in 2017, is licensed in the State of Ohio, and certified to minister in Spiritual Deliverance, Total Freedom Discipleship, Behind the Walls Evangelism, and International Healing Rooms.  Courtney has ministered to individuals via residential programs offered at the Licking Co. Justice Center, the Ohio Reformatory for Women, Outreach Ministries, and others.  She has been called on to minister, preach and teach at several venues in the Columbus area, as well as in Florida, North Carolina, Cuba, Haiti, Peru and Mexico.

Radio Interview 9.2.18 - Craig & Courtney Sturtz
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